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AFP-Relaxnews is the first newswire dedicated to leisure and lifestyle. Available by subscription for consultation and for web/print/mobile/social media/public screens reproduction, it provides in English and in French:

  • 1 600 stories / month, always accompanied by a picture and often an embedded video, on well-being, house & home, entertainment and tourism
  • 100 must-see events around the world
  • 60 dynamic photo slideshows / month
  • 40 AFP TV video reports / month and 30 Paris Modes TV videos / month about fashion weeks, trends and luxury

The newswire coverage

  • Well-Being: Nutrition, Health/Fitness, Sport, Beauty & Cosmetics
  • House & Home: DIY/Gardening, Interiors & Design, Environment, Technology, Fashion, Household Consumption
  • Entertainment: Art, Shows & Exhibitions, Cinema, Video games, Books, Music, Television & Media, Internet
  • Tourism: Cars & Motorbikes, Gastronomy, Hotels, Destinations, Transport
  • Cross thematics: Women, Luxury, People, Trends, Products
  • Hot topics: Fashion Week, Christmas, World's Cup...


The AFP-Relaxnews service counts more than 85 iconic clients in 21 countries.

Among these subscribers: Yahoo on three continents, MSN in Quebec and South East Asia, Redcats, France 24, Luxuo blog, The Week in India, The Independent, South African Broadcasting Corporation,, Newscorp in Australia.

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